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Some companies are safe by chance. At Adams Resources, we’re safe by choice.

It is the policy of Adams Resources, to establish and maintain the highest standards of safety and health, which are necessary to prevent all injuries and accidents.

Management is committed to providing a safe and injury free working environment. We will maintain a safety and health program, which will be continually, evolving and adapting in order to take advantage of developing technologies and industry advancements in both safety methods and training. Safety ranks in importance with productivity, cost and employee and customer relations. Safety is an individual responsibility and a condition of employment.

We insure that personal safety is a top priority along with the safety of others around us. At Adams, we accomplish this by using the proper equipment, gear and by following protocols we have in place to prevent accidents. To be successful, all employees must embody the proper attitude towards injury and accident prevention. Each employee will be educated in such a manner that they can recognize and eliminate unsafe working conditions and unsafe acts. Cooperation and interaction will be maintained between management, supervisors and employees in all safety and health matters. Every member of our team takes ownership in safety and is empowered to stop work that is being done in an unsafe manner.

By accepting our shared responsibilities and working together, we will eliminate injuries and accidents and continue to achieve the safety record for which we can be most proud.