• Adams Resources & Energy, Inc.
    Adams Resources & Energy, Inc.

    Headquartered in Houston, Texas. Originally founded by K. S. "Bud" Adams Jr. in 1947

  • GulfMark Energy, Inc.
    GulfMark Energy, Inc.

    We operate along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, in West Texas and Michigan. With access to 3,800 diverse properties, the company sells more than 2.25 million barrels per month to both local and regional refiners.

  • Service Transport Company
    Service Transport Company

    Call us today (800) 749-HAUL... Whether it is the transportation of petroleum products, petrochemicals, hazardous or non-hazardous waste materials, moving in local or long haul, Service Transport has the correct combination of tractor and tank trailer to serve you.

  • Adams Resources Exploration Corp.
    Adams Resources Exploration Corp.

    Opportunity-driven exploration since 1948.

Depth of Knowledge.
Depth of Experience.

From uncovering hidden hydrocarbons to supplying refined products, through its diverse yet related subsidiaries, Adams Resources and Energy, Inc. has become a key resource meeting the growing demand for energy in the United States.

Founded by K.S. "Bud" Adams, Jr., the Houston-based company pairs depth of knowledge and experience with financial strength. The result is a business partner you can count on for outstanding service and unmatched stability.

With over $2 billion in annual revenues and 700 employees, Adams Resources and Energy, Inc. explores for, sells and delivers hydrocarbons through it's subsidiaries.